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Information for Developers has created an intuitive interface that enables website developers to integrate seamlessly into our payment gateway. A variety of different methods have been developed, from a simple "HTTPS POST", through to using a SOAP webservices interface. supports many programming languages, including PHP 4 & 5, ColdFusion 5 & MX, ASP, .NET, Java/JSP, and others. In fact, any language can be used as long as it either has a SOAP library, or can perform a POST over HTTPS and read back the result.

Furthermore, you are not restricted to a particular hosting platform, as there is no requirement to install any payment objects on your hosting plan, which means you can interact with the gateway from virtually any type of hosting plan available.

Sample code for several languages can be downloaded from here, which you can use to aid in your integration with the system.

We encourage you to check back regularly at this page, as more information will be added to the Documentation and Sample Code repositories on the left hand menu.

Should you require further assistance, please contact